Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Digging Continues...

I expected today to be productive. Set up my bed and found the right spot for the dresser. I really like how it looks so far. The thought of unloading my car was awful, but I needed to get out and got my backseat almost unloaded. I went to Grocery Outlet today. It's been a while since I've gone there but today, I picked up a nice Blueberry Ale. Not very strong, but it was tasty. When I got home, I laid down to watch an Iranian film called The Circle. It started off slow, but became much more interesting. The director Jafar Panahi focuses on female oppressoin in Iran. My first exposure to director Jafar Panahi was Offside. About an hour into the movie, I fell asleep. Is a pattern developing? It was a delicous nap. I got up and started serious work on the kitchen. Several boxes were unpacked. Then, I spent about four hours on the Internet--looking up people from my past. Why is Internet stalking such addictive fun? My spirits are on the upswing. I have fished to the kitchen table chairs and tomorrow I set up a good spot for it and then, I can actually sit and eat and sit and type. The floor has been a very good and willing friend, but my back has had a few complaints!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally...New Home, Messy Home

I'm finally in my condo! It took forever to finish up and leave my old place in Phinney. Leaving a 750 sq ft space after nearly five years left me with wonderful memories but unfortunately also lots of accumulated crap. I have the pack rat in me, but I had no idea how badly I was afflicted.

Just today I finished clearing out all the crap. The best decision I made regarding was hiring the Millionaire Club movers! Q, William and Visor Guy were hard-working and positive. My biggest mistake--running out of boxes and figuring I'd just get the last of it on my own when I could have saved myself the headache yesterday and today of that extra packing and moving stuff when I had movers! Dumb, dumb, dumb. My car is still packed w/ stuff. It is parked downstairs in the garage. I'll get to it little by little.

Last night, I fell asleep watched The Painted Veil. Not a judgement on the film, but rather an indication of the exhaustion that has culminated in these last two stressful weeks. Today, upon my arrival back home from a day of cleaning, I put the movie back on and rewound a bit as I started dozing off well before I actually konked out. It delves into the nuances of a marriage that begins for all the wrong reasons. Kitty and Walter have nothing in common--nothing. But, it's back in the day and things were different (or were they?). For reasons, you'll discover soon enough, they are married and living in China. It's clearly not a relationshiop of love and they quickly fall into an understanding--living very separate lives--and later in separate rooms and rarely interacting. It isn't until cholera breaks out in the village that there's a change in their relationship and the couple actually starts getting to know one another. Films rarely delve into this aspect of relationships and Naomi Watts and Edward Norton brilliantly depict the troubled couple. It challenges notions about falling in love, what it takes and what's possible. I give it an A.

Lastly, I haven't cooked in over a week and this eating out business is fun, but also costly and killing my stomach. Tonight, I had an excellent Thai Beef Salad from the Thai Food Restaurant in Greenwood. The salad was tasty, but those deep-fried veggie spring rolls--they were the business!! Last night, I delighted in Kung Pao Prawns from Yen Wor Garden. How can something [fried food] so good be so bad? Alack, alack, I'm back on the wagon. Tomorrow, Special K and 1% milk for breakfast and hopefully a big salad in my lunch or dinner future.