Monday, October 1, 2007

Back to Work

I spent last week off work and getting situated in my apartment. I figured I'd get everything in order by the week's end, but it didn't work out this way, mainly, because part of taking vacation is to relax. Granted, it's difficult to relax when you are surrounded by piles, boxes, plants and furniture w/ no place, but it's needed. So, I slept in several days, read and took care of getting lots of things situated. Many items didn't make the cut, including a vintage suitcase I'd never used but loved the look of; a vintage doctor's bag (also never used) that had that moldy smell inside and felt like it was made of cardboard; a picnic table and bench set that folder down (hadn't been used in almost three years), a fireplace screen given to me that turned out to be way too small for the fireplace; and many, many CDs.

Friday was fun. Met Carrie and Andy at the Yen Wor Garden for karaoke. For the first time ever, I didn't sing. I wasn't feeling it but it was fun to see the old favs there. That place is an undiscovered (for the most part) karaoke GEM! Everyone raves about the Rickshaw. I haven't been but I'm tired of hearing about it 'cause I love my Yen Wor. But, even at the Yen Wor, sometimes you have to press on as Carrie, Andy and I did to the 5th Avenue, which is also a nicely kept secret (not to the neighborhood locales) but most excellent drinking establishment. Saw some old friends there. Some more interesting than others ;). Played some Misfits and enjoyed a cholate martini.

Saturday was relatively lowkey. Indulged my craving for Chinese food. Woop woop!

Sunday rained and rained and rained, but the work had to press on. I dropped off many of the goods at the nearby Goodwill. I had to drop off the best book I've read recently called Homesick Creek by Diane Hammond. Set in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, specifically), you meet Anita and Kitty--lifelong friends who've shared lots since meeting in high school. At present, Anita is dealing w/ dim prospects in her life due to an alcoholic husband and young daughter married to a man involved w/ drugs and her daughter's inability to care for her daughter (Anita's granddaughter). Kitty is living in financial abundance. She works as a waitress as she has for years and he husband is the breakwinner as a car salesman but Kitty is certain he's cheating again. Within these plots, there are some good twists. It was hard to put this one down.

I digressed, so I dropped off Homesick Creek and picked up a book about Goya. I've always loved his art but don't know much about the man, so thought this one could be good. I've heard ppl say he wasn't a good man, but we'll just see what this book says. I also picked up The Corner, an HBO mini-series that seems to be the jumping off point for my newest discovery The Wire. The Wire has really rocked my world. Complex plots where nothing is left unresolved. The Corner is okay. Pretty good, but I miss the grittiness of The Wire. Many, many, many of the same players involved.

Back in the workout saddle after a few weeks of chaos. Yesterday, hit the Y for a little weight training and 35 minutes of bicycle riding. Tonight, it's yoga.

Returning to work is good. It gives a good structure in which to compartmentalize what I have to do at home and not get overwhelmed by it. If I'm working for 8 or 9 hours per day, then, I can focus the rest of the time on fixing up the place, exercise and some sewing (as I just started my construction class).

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